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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2020 1:02am-1:31am CET

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hospitals overwhelmed by the sick many of the patients are now the doctors and nurses themselves tonight's spanish nightmare is it new york's tomorrow now the parallels are frightening the difference madrid is asking nato for help washington is sending help in the form of a check a 2 trillion dollars check i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. current status we still have the trajectory going up. right now what we're looking at is about 140000 cases coming into the hospitals the hospital capacity is 53000 beds that's a problem ventilators ventilators ventilators. we need 30. weeks
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in the existing hospital system for it to house frankly. also coming up with the pandemic and the world's biggest walked 1300000000 people staying at home in india if these 21 days or not managed properly in the country and you'll family will be sent back by 21 years. but our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the u.s. response to the coronavirus pandemic a cure of money and medicine some say the politics of profits versus people today the white house and congress agreed on a stimulus bill a 2 trillion dollar set of crutches for an economy that has crippled itself in the hopes of bringing the virus to a halt the bill is the largest of its kind in modern history twice as big as the
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rescue package approved in the recession of 2009 and yet economists say it may not be big enough. and long line of drive is all waiting to be tested for the coronavirus this is florida but the key right across america. the number of confirmed infections is gathering pace along with the number of those known to have died from the virus as the scale of the outbreak becomes increasingly clear doctors are worried about their own safety and a part time we. dared to come to walk by being scared we are trained to do you know i am and we're committed to doing mad doc to say hospitals nationwide are overwhelmed and there's not enough protective gear there are people that literally are wearing bandanas because they have nothing better to protect themselves from the respiratory droplets of patients who are in. and i think i said
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national shame an increasing number of states have closed down nonessential businesses heating owners hard this restaurant is trying to keep going by serving takeaways but owner on mint owns 2 other eateries and pays $12000.00 a month just in rent. he's had to lay off most of his 25 staff. this just taking it all us our surprise and also off our feet we don't know how to deal with this every day is a new challenge for us is very challenging and for the most part it's very terrible . we will get through this is the message from one bar owner in california people who have lost their jobs can get a free meal here. a small team does the cooking. for you scared owner tom stop it is struggling to make sense of what's happening
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here in hollywood he has to pay rent of a $1000.00 a day. i'm concerned. all we can do is help each of them help each other and hope for help from washington. help from washington 2 trillion dollars worth. to talk money medicine people politics and the virus i'm joined tonight by ian bremmer he is one of the premier goto authorities on geo political risks he's president of the eurasia group and with jeezy media and joins me tonight from new york and it's good to have you back here on the day this stimulus package is the largest stimulus package that we've seen passed by a government in modern history you know a month ago the u.s. economy was doing fine the pandemic forced this shutdown the economy can reignite with no problem so would you say that this money is more of a bridge to reignite ssion than it is a true stimulus. it's a little stimulus it's
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a little relief it's a little a little bridge but of course let's keep my right now the economy stops it's not much to stimulate. you know it's more keeping stuff alive and isn't enough we don't know what we do know is that a very divisive president nonetheless was able to work with congress to get this passed in relatively short order the markets of course of popped on it and by the way i expect that trumps a poor ratings over the coming week probably will as well but we already have members of congress that i've been talking to who are starting to think about what a 'd new package would look like once they come back in let's say a 2 months or 3 months the if us postal system is nearing insolvency and clearly that's not going to get any easier over the coming weeks is the question of to what extent average american workers are going to need additional checks going
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forward given the extraordinary hardships they're going to face and so many will be out of work and other other parts of the economy we just don't know the extent of the health care crisis and given that it's very hard to know where we're going to be in 4 weeks in 8 weeks time but would you say that this is this large just that we're looking at an astronomical figure 2 trillion dollars does that reflect the the level of uncertainty about the future as you said we don't know where we're going. i think it reflects a fair amount of certainty about what it costs for the u.s. economy to be basically shot for 468 weeks minimum on top of the shutdown of the global supply chain let's keep in mind china is restarting now it's 6 weeks on a boat to get stuff from china to the united states out of the ports into the markets malaysia shut down and just today they announced going to be another 2
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weeks their part of the supply chain to the united states to india shutting down ok they don't manufacture that much but they're still a part of the supply chain i mean this is a global shop it's not remotely close to the scale of 2000 it is the largest economic shock that we have seen globally since world war 2 and so i mean i you should not be surprised even though there's a lack of coordination between governments around the world the the scale of both the fiscal responses as well as the monetary response as we're seeing from all of the advanced industrial economies have been at very similar levels you talk about this this disruption to the supply chain you know what we're seeing is the united states a wealthy superpower that is struggling to provide doctors with enough protective mask mess that cost about $0.75 a piece i mean that's not something that builds confidence and what does it tell you about the ability of the united states then to react and to to
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do what it needs to do to take control of a crisis. tells me 3 different things 1st of all it tells me italy about 10 days ahead of the united states in terms of scale of cases north in italy milan and advanced economy wealthy fantastic mayor and one of the world's best health care systems completely overwhelmed by the scale of this crisis so it tells me that corona virus a new virus that no one has any immunity towards there is no herd immunity there is no vaccine the scale of that is severe we do not we underestimate our peril number 2 it's tells me that the americans even though they were early and shutting down travel to china were late in responding to building up health care surge capacity and we are potentially going to pay a very severe price it is certainly possible that new york l.a.
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new orleans and other municipalities will face in the next 2 weeks what northern italy has faced in the last 2 and final point is that we have a just in time supply chain globally china is the factory for the world works great when there are no disruptions when there are major disruptions like this you want just in case supply chain you're going to see an awful lot of manufacturing and services move out of china on the back of this and closer to where consumption needs i want to ask you about germany the parliament here today passed an unprecedented economic aid package it's the 1st piece of economic legislation in modern germany that throws caution to the when terms of deficits and debts spending. it's now in line with the united states when it comes to deficit spending i was asked today who's going to pay all of this back when the bill comes due how do you see that being possible. well the germans have resisted
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expanding their fiscal spend over the past 10 years despite a lot of pressure from the europeans and from the americans to do so in fact the germans got their total debt levels down to below 2008 levels that is very much to the credit of the german government and so the credit of chancellor merkel it also provides the space to respond very strongly with the crisis the scale of which we have been front of us right now completely appropriate and glad to see the germans doing so it provides more confidence for me in germany and in europe and i think that reflected in the german poll numbers overwhelming support the german government is doing the right thing. you're in new york city we hear that new york city is a hot spot right now in this pandemic. what's it like when you walk up on the
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streets i mean and how worried are you know about your about your own health and the health of your family. it's not fun i mean i was here during $911.00 that wasn't fun either but the city came together and $911.00 here of course the city social distancing which is a truly anti human behavior right so it feels like an artifice. and you know i mean i think even millennialists would probably say that i think that the queen's this is the hot spot in the united states right now overwhelmingly it's where the cases are manhattan's not as bad as queens they have vastly less health care capacity they have a lot more cases we're watching that very closely right now but if you walk around in my neighborhood things are shut their borders there are no people i mean i have in my my long run in the morning along the river there's no problem social distancing i'll promise you that this city is a ghost town people are holed up and they're they're scared they're scared because
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i was just just an hour ago floyd cardozo up known for 15 years the chef from tal blew up but danny myers empire is about 5055 years old just died earlier today from corona virus in perfect health everyone i know has stories like that now no one good 2 weeks ago this is a war you are the master of risk assessment let me ask you this i want you to look to the future to november does this pandemic does it pose a threat to the u.s. election i mean will it be a mail in ballot vote or could the election be postponed. postponing election requires the passage of a federal law and have to go through a democrat controlled house and republican controlled senate hard to imagine that would happen. under anything but a true catastrophe and i don't think we'll be in that situation. i think that you are probably going to have changes in the way the election is conducted on
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a state by state basis some controlled by republicans some by democrats that means it's going to be politicized turnout will be lower than you would have otherwise expect it that leads to more polarization by doesn't necessarily benefit in that in that sense right now trump i am sure in the next week trump's numbers are going to go up on the back of this 2 trillion dollar stimulus and on the back of just being the guy in charge when people are worried but that's not a rally around the $5.00 to $5.00 what you got for bush after 91192 percent there's no way trump's touching numbers like that ever but the election isn't in 3 weeks it's in november and you know frankly the possibility that this election is seen to be diligent in my eyes in the eyes of many many americans for reasons having to do with this crisis as well as politicized investigations against biden you remember the impeachment proceedings external intervention from the russians and others a very real risk fortunately one we're not dealing with right now because i will
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tell you in the last week here in new york city no one is talking about this election people are talking about this crisis that is as it should be as it should be this is a wife and they're all joining us tonight from new york city as always we appreciate your insights thank you very much stay safe and stay healthy. well last week italy surpassed china in the number of coronavirus deaths this week spain has earned that tragic title unimaginable scenes of suffering and sorrow are playing out across spain as hundreds of people die every day hospitals are packed with patients and more are waiting just to see a doctor perhaps the most shocking proof of how dangerous this pandemic is physicians and nurses make up almost a quarter of all new infections spain's health care system is collapsing taking
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down the healers and the helpers with it madrid's the better old sure hospital is overwhelmed patients filling the hallways struggling to breathe waiting for the privilege of oxygen. for many here the shortage of ventilators and medical staff could prove to be deadly for a shocking number that already has spain's death toll from cope with 1000 has now surpassed china's. a little bit i don't want to get involved in politics because that's not the time joe and i hear on t.v. that there are sufficient let areal and then my colleagues this morning complain that there is not sufficient material i can't believe it when the government's crosses committee comes out to say we have everything it's not sure. that it. so many have died this week at madrid's morgues are also overwhelmed this ice
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skating rink will take in the overflow keeping bodies out of the sun as the country prays for a reprieve. other provisional facilities are popping up around spain and barcelona the military has erected a temporary homeless shelter where up to a 1000 homeless people will be able to isolate and hygenic conditions. struggling to cope the government will extend the state of emergency until mid april. police are tightening controls to enforce the countrywide lock down. so anyone without a permit to be out will be fine police say they've handed out over 80000 fine since the rule went into effect 10 days ago. many spaniards welcome the strict control on movement. people are not respecting confinement measures people are irresponsible
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a lot of us have to go to work this is the 2nd control of pasta and i think it's great. with over 400000000 euros of medical equipment on order from china spain is looking to see if its efforts will start to stifle the spread of the virus. joined by journalist ricardo. he joins me from the spanish capital madrid good evening to you ricardo spain has suffered more deaths than china in this pandemic how close is the country to a health care system collapse. and i would imagine well. there has been calls and i think almost anyone who lives in madrid have earth scenes last meal of the last week and warnings from the health workers in the social media saying that they hosed the hospital's capacity where overstretching
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and now this happens in the in the whole country and there's lack of human resources lack of bad. been delayed those who are without a vital like of equipment afraid for the health workers who protect themselves like glass and mask and. today doing the session to send a state of all there were calls to to prepare for our cases of course from out the disorder and have workers and i think these 6 sort of represents how the situation is right now in spain you know i mean we can't even imagine what it must be like for the doctors and the nurses we understand that the government has ordered hundreds of millions of euros worth of medical equipment from china spain is also asking nato for supplies how soon will those requests be able to make a difference. well. even though we're talking about very
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not botch the minister of health of our very said that they were there we let rife in that and several stages 1st. the test at the end of this week that we this more than 5000000 and a ventilator surround a 1000 will arrive in april and considering the now if one is working around the clock in the hospital bills and to increase the capacity and that the cases increased to 20 percent in the last 24 hours well every day counts and every mask every every every test this is important. ricardo the health ministry emergency coordinator says that the outbreak is reaching its peak in spades. is is that a fact or is that more forced optimism what do you say. well they have been very cautious themselves when they when they talk about this and he said that if they said it before that this made the peak in this week. and maybe
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in the next few days that this is the mission is based on the rate of growth of the hospitalized people. ministry say it's sort of ice in somehow body in any case they also reminded that even when we reach the peak of cases this doesn't mean that this stray some health system is going to be over because maybe many new cases is going to. develops and someone does make it worse so even you must think a while until until the hospitals can actually breathe a little bit and undiminished coworkers can think of very well deserved rest. so that's its duration yeah we certainly do hope that the people on the frontline that they can get some well deserved rest and get it soon ricardo perez of their reporting tonight from madrid recorded thank you very much stay safe and stay healthy thank you.
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well how do you lock down more than a 1000000000 people india is showing the world as we speak in the has become the latest the largest country to introduce a nation wide lockdown in the fight against the corona virus although there have only been 560 confirmed cases and 11 deaths in the country fears are growing that the infection could spread quickly in india's densely populated city. they look like the streets of a quiet village but these are the roads of india's capital delhi on the 1st day of the coronavirus lock down one spot selling bollywood film sets were empty. airlines are grounded travel restricted indians have been warned to take a 3 week stay at home order seriously it is then if these 21 days are not managed properly then the country and your family will be set back by 21 years
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is a lot of. crowds formed at pharmacies and shops following the prime minister's announcement safeguarding it supplies india has now banned exports of mosques and ventilators as well as an anti malaria drug being tested as a covert 19 treatment health experts say the drastic measures are necessary. if india can fight this to get done for 2 weeks we definitely would have prevented that from going up and made it flat all that we need to do is to prevent that god from going it leaving because if that happens in india the results will be much worse than what happened. economic relief has been promised to those unable to work but many remain worried. present that i cannot wait to find out if the
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government will give me money but how am i supposed to eat until then and what if they don't. with indians housebound about one 3rd of the world's population is now living under some form of lockdown. well the lack of soccer during the coronavirus pandemic is hitting fans hard but clubs are also counting the costs many in the lower leagues fear that they will go bust with no revenue and no matches even the big teams in germany's been this league are affected and players are now volunteering to give up some of their sizeable salaries to help the club get. empty stadiums across germany's bundlers league the coronavirus is having an unprecedented impact on football and football finances. now as some of the game's
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top player has decided to give up a portion of the multi-million salaries to help their clubs to see it don't mind of announcing that play is management and coaches awaiting a double digit 1000000 amount in wages chief executive has. said it is a valuable sign of solidarity both to the outside world and to our $850.00 employees . media reports say players at all the bond as they get clubs such as by and munich and by labor coups and i'm making similar gestures. it's about helping people who are struggling financially because of this situation. for example the security guy who works at the stadium and works on match days and maybe now doesn't have a job. the bonus league or expects no football action before april 13th
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and officials know it may take a lot longer but the players are at least doing their bit off the pitch. and the day is almost gone the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at d w news or you can follow me at brant got t.v. in the user hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you everybody stay safe and stay healthy.
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he is a master of the art of confrontation this is wrong. of verbal combat i mean you're going to see ya next like the undisputed champion of telephone with the whole talk trying to frighten people no it's a 1st come up on a side that is that you enter the conflict zone and join tim sebastian as he holds the powerful to account this is a big failure whichever way you like to spin the conflict zone. next on the difficulty of. russia
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a world power president putin is using patriotism to unite his country many russians believe only he can bring back fame and glory to their country. churches and conservatives are gaining tremendous influence. and critics and offices an activist are in danger. to inscribe. in 45 minutes on d w. beethoven is for me to be told is for you. beethoven is for helen. beethoven is for her. beethoven is for the.
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beethoven is for cause. beethoven is for every one of. beethoven 202250th anniversary here on dealing with here. they have if something that is not working some people decide not to see it want to know about the palin luncheon. time countries and fails are you talking about baghdad or paris to put the other side. france's president emanuel macrolides to be seen as one of the driving forces for reform with the view that his efforts to change his own country have run into serious trouble i guess this week here in brussels says former europe minister not only one of his most vocal cheerleaders in the european parliament is the macro revolution advancing.


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